Kraus Curriculum Development Library

kcdlonline is an absolute necessity for educators, and enables you to draw upon a wide selection of developed curricula for use in improving your existing curricula or in creating new frameworks and standards.

kcdlonline provides educators, curriculum developers, and other researchers with easy access to the resources they need to implement educational strategies and objectives, and improve learning in PreK-12 schooling. Its fully searchable database brings together in one place:

  • Curricula, frameworks, and standards from all across the English-speaking world
  • Lessons and learning activities
  • Educational objectives
  • Educational content
  • Instructional strategies
  • Evaluative techniques

You can search kcdlonline for specific curricula by subject, keywords, forms of educational content, grades covered, and geographic locale. You may also download PDF files of all curriculum documents from the 20th edition forward. Additionally, over 300 documents from previous editions (i.e., prior to the 20th) are now available in a PDF format.