Kraus Curriculum Development Library

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(1) What is kcdlonline?

kcdlonline is a searchable database that provides you with curriculum information on a variety of subjects covered in PreK-12 and Adult Basic Education. With a growing database of over 7,500 curriculum documents, kcdlonline provides you with a direct link to the curricula you need and contact information on the agencies that issue the curricula.

(2) Why should I use kcdlonline?

kcdlonline is an absolute necessity for educators, pulling together in one searchable database the information educators need to develop and update curricula. Locating such curricula by traditional research means is often a time-consuming process. kcdlonline saves you time by providing you with curriculum data and downloadable PDFs in an easy-to-use, searchable database.

(3) How can I search for information on kcdlonline?

You may search kcdlonline by keyword search, using Boolean operators if you so choose. Additionally, you may take advantage of our advanced search option and conduct fielded searches on the following fields:

  • Title/Annotation
  • Primary section
  • Issuing agency
  • Educational content
  • Grade level
  • Subject
  • State
  • Country
  • Publication year
  • KCDL edition

You may limit both keyword and advanced searches to only those entries that have corresponding full-text documents attached.

(4) What information is included in a typical entry?

A typical entry includes the following information:

  • Primary section
  • Issuing agency
  • Title
  • Year
  • Collation
  • KCDL Edition
  • Document Number
  • Document URL (if available online)
  • Grades Covered
  • Annotation
  • Subjects
  • Educational Content
  • Address of Issuing Agency
  • Phone of Issuing Agency
  • Fax of Issuing Agency
  • Email of Issuing Agency
  • Issuing Agency URL (if available online)

(5) What new content or features will be added to kcdlonline in the future?

The editorial staff of kcdlonline will continuously update and expand upon the contents of the database. Future enhancements will include content recommended by our users and curriculum information researched by the kcdlonline staff.

(6) By purchasing the fiche, we have retained the rights to those indefinitely. We own them. But what happens on the web version? Do we retain any rights of access down the road (at least for the years we were subscribing), even if our subscription stopped for some reason?

kcdlonline is a subscription for Internet access to the material from the Kraus Curriculum Development Library, the most recent material covering the same content as the previous fiche format edition of KCDL.

In addition, the web version provides electronic access to continuously updated material. Subscribers have access to any and all new content as it is made available and added to KCDL throughout the subscription period.

Subscribers are specifically granted permission to make machine-readable and print copies for backup and archival purposes. Provision 5, third paragraph of the KCDL Online Subscription Licensing Agreement provides: "Authorized Users may download material from the Service for his/her own non-commercial use, including Subscriber's use in the ordinary course of Subscribers' business or profession, provided Subscriber maintains all copyright and other notices contained in such material. … Subscriber may make: (a) one machine-readable copy, (b) one backup machine-readable copy, and (c) one print copy of any material downloaded from the Service."

With these new electronic features and downloading permission, KCDL is being provided with greatly enhanced service and currency to customers.

(7) How many full-text documents are available on kcdlonline?

KCDL in this online version includes over 3,500 full-text documents submitted by educational agencies for easy access and reference. These documents are from the 20th edition forward and are available in a PDF format. You can view these PDFs directly from the kcdlonline web site with Adobe Acrobat Reader software. (Suggestion: For faster processing and viewing, we recommend that you download the files to your local hard drive for convenient viewing.)

In addition to this KCDL database, kcdlonline includes hyperlinks to the issuing agencies' web sites.